Donovan Warnick

Arabic Hand Drumming Instructor, Head Drummer

Arabic percussion instructor and national performer Donovan Warnick has been annoying those around him with his incessant drumming since the age of 10. Initially focusing this energy into Colorado Honor Band, Donovan eventually joined the drum line of his high school marching band as well as the symphonic band and drum ensemble. Once out of high school, percussion took a back seat to engineering studies at Colorado State University until the faithful day he stumbled upon the Society for Creative Anachronism. Within the S.C.A. (in which people re-create the middle ages) Donovan again found himself with a drum in hand, though this time it was hand percussion. Garnering tremendous guidance and instruction from a dear friend; Billy “Sylvanus” Woods, Donovan continued to explore and develop his skills as a hand percussionist and a teacher. Over the years Donovan has taught and learned from hundreds of drummers of all ages, explored traditional Tabla and Riq technique with Souhail Kaspar, played with Denver based band “Jurjuna”, and performed with Colorado based band “Kara Nomadica” including recording a full length self titled LP released spring of 2008, and most recently as a studio artist for “Wine and Alchemy” on their 2010 album “What Dreams May Come”. Love for world music and soul-lifting percussion continues to drive his musical aspirations and teaching to this day.