Haflas at Yum Yum’s Fort Collins!

Dance Party

Every 2nd Saturday of Each Month!

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We’ll be gathering at Yum Yums restaurant in Fort Collins for a party and we’d like to invite the whole dance community! All dancers, drummers, friends and family are welcome.

Party starts at 6:30 with Arabic style drumming and belly dancing! Come early for dinner and join us to watch or come to play. Costumes are not required but very welcome.

For those bringing instruments, please bring Arabic style drums (doumbeks, riqqs, tar) or something with a soft voice if possible so that the overall feel is Middle Eastern.

Don’t know Arabic rhythm styles or belly dance? Please join us for class! Belly dance drilling and conditioning meets Thursdays from 6:30p-7:30p and Arabic percussion meets Thursdays from 7:35-8:35p at our dance studio located at 1741 Westfield Drive, Fort Collins.

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