Successful Student Recital

Satori Dance Students ~ photo courtesy of Richard Herrington

The students and teachers of Satori Dance would like to thank all the friends and family who came out to enjoy our holiday show on December 10th, 2011. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to us as we reach out to make new friends and discover ourselves through the world of dance!

A special thank you to our guest performers from Bohemian Daughters, a student troupe run by Nancy Montgomery who blew us away with a completely improvised group performance to never before heard music! Another huge thank you to Richard Herrington who volunteered his skill and time as a photographer to capture some wonderful images which you can see below and on the Satori Dance facebook page at

Bohemian Daughters ~ Photo courtesy of Richard Herrington

We had two group performances by students, solos by Katie Young, Hannah Mahoney and Rio of Satori Dance and the whole audience was invited to join in the dancing with a closing round of dabke- a folk dance of Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. Big grins and lots of stomping had by all.

Katie Young ~ Photo courtesy of Richard Herrington
Hannah Mahoney ~ Photo courtesy of Richard Herrington
Rio of Satori Dance ~ Photo courtesy of Richard Herrington

Classes have taken a brief recess to enjoy the holidays and a time of rest and renewal and begin again in the new year on January 10th. If you are interested in classes, dates, studio address and time can be found in the calendar on the left side of the page or you may visit the contact page to ask further questions.

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