Arabic Percussion Classes

Hello Dancers and Drummers!

Every Thursday from 7:30p-8:30p at our studio space 1741 Westfield Dr. Satori Dance & Drum offers Arabic Percussion! Please join us and meet our instructor Richard Herrington and try out several Middle Eastern instruments.  You may also bring your own instruments to see if they are acceptable for our ongoing class.

Membership and Class Fees

A monthly, drum-only membership is $45. Please bring cash or check to your first class or visit our membership account page to pay online. This includes all classes in a given month, ability to perform in upcoming shows and access to any drum related online content created for members only.

Beginning Middle Eastern Percussion Class

In this class, you will learn what is so unique and beautiful about Middle Eastern Music that sets it apart from other musical genres.  We will study 10-15 Basic Middle Eastern Rhythms, learn where each rhythm originates; what defines each rhythm; what sections are fixed; as well as how to improvise within each rhythm. Depending on your comfort level and experience, you can work on just your basic technique, or on improvising to a basic accompaniment.  Instruments needed are either a Doumbek, Riqq or Tar. Before you buy an instrument, please contact Richard at to be sure you have made a good choice for this class.

Richard Herrington has studied musical percussion traditions of the Middle East, Central and West Africa, and Bahia Brazil for over 10 years now, and has studied with master teachers from each area.  He has played with musicians from Kara Nomadica, Fale, Bloco em FoCo, and others.  Richard plays Middle Easternpercussion inspired by teachers Souhail Kaspar and Raquy Danziger, two famous Middle Eastern masters. He teaches authentic Middle Eastern rhythms on the Doumbek and Riqq (also spelled Dumbek and Riq).

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