Heartbeat Drum and Dance Festival

Friday July 9 evening through Sunday July 11 morning

Come Commune with Mother Earth and Father Sky as we Drum, Sing and Dance around the Sunrise Fire Pit!


Drum Building with Steven Lange & Steven Kroll
Beginning Didgeridoo playing with George Brown
Bringing your voice to the Song with Judy Wilson
Drumming as a Spiritual Practice with Keith Hancock
Beginning Djun-Djun Drumming with Gregg Hansen
Light Drum Circle Facilitation with Gregg Hansen
Drum, Chant and Dance with Sára Rain
Beginning Drum Classes – various teachers
Native American Flute with Bill Grindle
Belly Dancing with Rio of Satori Dance
My hour and a half long workshop will focus on centering ourselves within our bodies so that we can feel and be moved by our natural rhythms. It will be beginning level technique unless I discover my students have the experience to handle more advanced movement vocabulary. Join me for my favorite Native American sage ceremony, a breath-conscious warm up and time immersed in the beauty of rhythm! For more information and to register please visit https://sunriseranch.org/activities/heart-beat-drum-and-dance-festival/