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December 12th, 2009Cirque du TribalTique

February 13th, 2010

KARIM NAGI “Tradition Reimagined”

Drummer . Composer . Recording Artist . DJ . Folk Dancer . Teacher of Arab Music Dance & Culture

Karim specializes in the connection between dance and music. He teaches Dance and Music Workshops such as Arab Folk Dance, Musicality for Dancers, Segat (“Zill” finger cymbals), Dabka (Arabic Line Dancing), Percussion for Dancers (rhythmic literacy and basic drum technique) and Dancer-Drummer Communication (dancing to drum solos and interpreting sound into movement.)

Karim’s recordings under Karim’s “Turbo Tabla” name are in every belly dancer’s standard library. TURBO TABLA is a dancer’s epiphany. Belly dancers from New York to California choreograph to Turbo Tabla songs. It has the magical ingredients: the rolling and sharp pops of the Arabic Tabla, the intoxicating Eastern microtonal melodies, and a techno house groove

In his own words…”Ok, so I am a drummer, and a DJ, plus producer/composer. But Dance is the final ingredient. And dance is where acrobatics are encouraged. I love the stomping Dabkaat of Palestine/Lebanon/Jordan/Syria. And the stick twirling Egyptian dance Tahteeb is so intense. Plus the Sagat/Zill finger cymbalisms. I love percussive dances. Thankfully I figured out that music and dance are practically the same activity. And when done with sincere syncronicity, they become one wholistic ritual. And I am lucky enough to travel internationally to teach this ecstatic cohesion of sound and movement from the Arab world.” Find out more here.

April 29th-May 2nd, 2010

Elevation 2010

Instruction & Performances by:

Rachel Brice



The Mezmer Society

Monnya Silver

Frank Farinaro